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finally answered

answers to questions in songs, not properly answered yet. YET.

"how can i love you if you won’t lay down?"

according to luhmann, the core of love is communication. love is a medium, something we use like we use language, a construct. so there is no need to follow intuition or even “feelings”, nor preset rituals as “laying down”. just communicate.

"ain’t it fun when you know that you’re gonna die young?"

yeah, totally bring on the carpe diem / seize the day / … formula, and do all the fun things you still want to do before you die young. in case you still ARE young, of course… withdraw all your savings as small coins, just to deposit them in an instant! punch a pony in the face! clutter up your room with baby kittens! stay up for a week straight! make the best grilled cheese sandwich in the world! start a weird cult! listen through a whole U2 album without batting an eyelid! quaff caffeinated drinks at midnight (or later)! wear a funny hat!

"he was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it any more obvious?"

erm, yes. you probably wanted to “subtly” suggest that it´s a natural thing that they would - even if just secretly - be in love BECAUSE they have different genitalia. there again i really appreciate you taking up the cudgels for baggy clothing.

"what would stiv bators do?"

stiv bators wouldn´t wait, no matter at what cost.

"who the fuck are arctic monkeys?"

they are a pretty mediocre corporate indie rock band from sheffield/united kingdom.

"what do you get when you fall in love?"

first, you get a chemical process that consists of a whole load of weird amphetamines rollercoaster-ing in your brain. your brain fools you to very much unconsciously find yourself in another person. pretty narcistic, huh? and since you´re such a great person and have found yourself ONCE MORE, you now mostly get bike rides on sunday afternoons, canned stumbles in smoky dutch bars at 4 a.m., spontaneous dance-offs in supermarkets, and some sort of mental security with all its positive and negative consequences. deal with it.

you DON´T get a lot of sleep.

"do you want to get heavy?"

actually, i would like to get a little heavier. it´s a matter of perspective though, but generally heaviness isn´t the worst of all features. my now-skinny butt wouldn´t hurt anymore as soon as i sit down on the ground. i would be more open to punching dudes in the face who stalk my sister. i could eat more. i would leave deeper foot steps in the snow. so yes, i´d want to get heavy.

"what would you think if i sang out of tune?"

i would think, why didn´t you get at least that little help from your friends paul and john, who could have easily taken over on the vocals part?

"how do your raise your kids in a ghetto?"

basically: a child needs a helping hand, or it will grow to be an angry young man/woman some day. so just don´t let the little boy/girl play in the street, and do not forget to wipe his nose. also, food is important, otherwise he or she might start to roam the streets at night, and learn how to steal and learn how to fight, might even break away, buy a gun, steal a car, run (not far though). if you´re the mama, you will cry.

"do they know it´s christmas?"

of course they do. they might be starving, but they´re not stupid.